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Cambridge Young Musician of the Year 2008
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Cambridge Young Musician of the Year 2008

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The standard was high across the whole spectrum. I've been absolutely stunned by the standard here – James Rae, adjudicator of the wind classes.

Over 100 children took part in the preliminary rounds of the competition held on the 4 and 18 November. Standards were incredibly high and the adjudicators had a very hard job indeed deciding on the winners. Results are given below. Many congratulations to all who took part. Class winners went forward to the Finals which took place on Sunday 27 January at St Faith's School.

Results of the preliminary rounds of the competition

Brass 10-12; Brass 13-15 ; Brass 16-18; Wind 10-12; Wind 13-15; Wind 16-18; Strings 10-12; Strings 13-15; Strings 16-18; Voice 10-12; Voice 13-15; Voice 16-18; Piano 10-12; Piano 13-15; Piano 16-18; Percussion 10-12; Percussion 13-15

10-12 Brass
Adjudicator: Paul Harris
Winner: Angus Gibson (trumpet)

13-15 Brass
Adjudicator: Julian Baker
Winner: James Davison (trumpet)
Highly Commended: Megan Warner

16-18 Brass
Adjudicator: Julian Baker
Winner: Jeffrey Douglass (horn)
Highly Commended: Sarah Lenton, Tom Wood

Wind 10-12
Adjudicator: Paul Harris
Winner: Jack Martin (recorder)
Highly Commended: Dharaa Patel, Jon Wimpeney

Wind 13-15
Adjudicator: James Rae
Joint Winners: Poppy Beddoe (clarinet) and Tali Jenson (oboe)
Highly Commended: Charlotte Last, Sophie Last, Nick White

Wind 16-18
Adjudicator: James Rae
Winner: Bibi Blythe (flute)
Highly Commended: Frances Blythe, Kate Harris

Strings 10-12
Adjudicator: Robin Thompson-Clarke
Winner: Victoria Nicoll (cello)
Highly Commended: William Jackson, Linden Ralph, Natalie Bevan, Katherine Read, Jasmin Yang-Spooner

Strings 13-15
Adjudicator: John Shayler
Winner: Olivia Jarvis (violin)
Highly Commended: Lucy Beauchamp, James Jarvis, Ruby Turok-Squire

Strings 16-18
Adjudicator: John Shayler
Joint Winners: Parker Ramsay (harp), Anil Umer (cello)
Highly Commended: Helen Lilley

Voice 10-12
Adjudicator: Ruth Thatcher
Catherine Mizen
Highly Commended: Damian Thompson, Esther Kippax, Louisa Scott

Voice 13-15
Adjudicator: Peter Hewitt
Winner: James Quilligan
Highly Commended: Molly Garfoot, Philip Sansom

Voice 16-18
Adjudicator: Peter Hewitt
: George Eddy
Highly Commended: Maddie Daines-Smith, Olivia Fitzsimons, Samuel Graham, Eleanor Watts, Jacqueline Yu

Piano 10-12
Adjudicator: Ruth Thatcher
Winner: Jasmin Yang-Spooner
Highly Commended: Francesca Rogers, Damian Thompson, Victoria Nicoll

Piano 13-15
Adjudicator: Lesley Young
Winner: Anan Ju
Highly Commended: Jongsun Woo

Piano 16-18

Adjudicator: Lesley Young
Joint winners: Emma Fowler and Sharzad Shini
Highly Commended:
Tess Pearson

Percussion 10-12
Adjudicator: James Wycherley
Winner: Gemma Whyatt (xylophone)
Highly Commended: Hugo Chambre

Percussion 13-15
Adjudicator: James Wycherley
Winner: Lucy Landymore (vibraphone)
Highly Commended: Poppy Beddoe and Bastiaan Janssen

CYM is very grateful to the Perse School, Fitzwilliam College Music Society and the Leys School for the use of their premises.






Deadline for entries: Entries now closed

Preliminary heats: Sundays 4 and 18 November 2007

Finals: Sunday 27 January 2008

Winners’ Concert: Sunday 11 May 2008