Gillian Thoday
Finals Judge

Gillian Thoday’s life as a musician has taken her into many areas of the music profession. Her solo work as a cellist has included appearances at the major recital venues in London with first performances of works written for her and broadcasts for the BBC both on radio and television. Her work with chamber ensembles has been extensive, particularly in the contemporary field with broadcasts, CD recordings and tours in England, Europe and the United States. In the orchestral field she has worked with most of the major orchestras in London and as a studio player has contributed to the soundtracks of many of the blockbuster films of recent years.

Gillian has taught the cello for many years at the Junior Guildhall and Chethams School of Music with many of her pupils winning scholarships to the senior colleges and now finding their own place in the music profession. She brings to her teaching the benefits of her years of study at the Royal Academy of Music with Florence Hooton and in Germany with Andre Navarra, one of the greatest cellists of his day, together with the fruits of her own extensive experience as a performer and teacher. She has recently been appointed a Diploma examiner for the Associated Board.